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  We are a church of the Presbyterian Church of America since August 1973, when the congregation left the Presbyterian Church In the United States due to increasing liberalism. The church serves with other churches of Calvary Presbytery in the upstate of South Carolina, and believes that the church at large is a devine institution. Reedy River Presbyterian Church was founded on March 12, 1887, as a mission of First Presbyterian Church, Greenville. It met for two years down the street from its present location in McBee Chapel of the Methodist Church.The present sanctuary was completed in 1889, the fellowship hall in 1948 and the Education wing in 1956. The first full time pastor was hired in 1957. We are called to the ministry of...Preaching the Kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all

confidence.       Acts28:31                                                   

Who We Are



  The officers and congregation 1) are committed to the Reformed Faith as summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Shorter and Larger Catechisms; 2) Believe that the word of God is inspired, infallible and inerrant and should be the absolute authority for all mans thoughts and actions: 3) that the universe was created ex nihilo in six solar days only thousands of years ago: 4) that God is a Trinity: and 5) that the second person, Jesus Christ, is both human (having been born of the virgin Mary), and devine and repentant faith in him is the only means to a glorified, eternal life for sinful man.

 We are also committed to the covenantal understanding of Scripture whereby God has called a people to Himself from before the foundation of the world and that much of scripture is the story of Gods establishment and succession of this covenant as it comes to completion and perfection in the "marriage" of Christ and the Church.